9 Ways To Never Give Up ! You have “You”

For everyone out there, there’s a significant difference between being blue and being depressed. And trust us you’re not alone. 1. Acknowledge the fact that you’re not alone, you always have someone. Guess who? “You”. 2. Start accepting the way people are and bend your life around those bad ones, there’s no need to penetrate through them. You always have you at the end of the day. 3. This one’s hard, but love yourself. You are so so beautiful / handsome and all you need to do is believe that 😀 4. Even from the darkest days, find the light and remain positive. It may sound crazy but believe in positivity and positive you will become! 5. TALK TO PEOPLE, don’t bury it in love, you’re not alone. 6. Stay away from peeps that pull you down, they’re so not worth it! 7. Falling in love / relationship again with someone else to fill your heart is a “BIG NO”, You will get a lot of people trying to get near you or you may fall for one who is giving you a shoulder, you don’t need it. Use your brain, be strong and do not bend down. 8. Follow 1 through 7. 9. Lastly, We’ve been there and We are almost out! Talk to us !! XOXO


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