5 Jobs you never thought would have existed

With exam fever on, students are busy thinking about their future. While some might have chalked out a detailed plan, others might still be racking their brains. No matter which category you fall in, here is a fun post about five jobs you never knew existed. They say no skill is a bad skill, and clearly, they’re right.

1. Professional sleeper


Do you love hitting the snooze button every morning? Do you find your sleep to be way more precious than even the weekend movie? Does your idea of relaxing means zzzz-ing all day long? If you answered yes to these questions, you have a bright future. No, we are not being sarcastic. There does in fact exist a job called professional sleeper. Where you get paid to sleep. These people assist in sleep research projects, and help scientists understand and analyse sleep-related problems.

The Upside: Never again will you hear your mom screaming ‘Stop wasting your time sleeping!’

2. Resort water ride tester

Come summer and we all rush to water parks. They somehow make for the best family summer holiday spots. If you’re the kind of person who never wants to leave the water park, here is what we have to offer—you can become a resort water-ride tester. This job will include you checking water rides for safety, landings, speed, water and many other important aspects.

The Upside: Spend all your summers at the resort and get free rides… Woohoo!

3. Golf ball diver


Each time you play golf and hit the ball straight into the pool, you think it’s a goner. Right? Wrong! For your information, there is one entire industry made up of gold ball divers. They dive deep, rescue lost balls and sell them off to golf courses. Now you know where those ‘used’ golf balls come from!

The Upside: Love swimming or diving? Get paid to do it!

4. Pet food taster


If pets could talk, this job would have never existed. Yes, the food you feed your pet is actually tested by none other than humans. We feel this job is pretty awesome. And with the growing number of children adopting pets, the demand is sure to grow.

The Upside: Your pet might get a free monthly supply!

5. Coconut safety engineer


While holidaying at your favourite resort, you must have gone for leisurely strolls along the beach. Did you ever see a coconut fall down on a guest in these areas? We’re sure you haven’t. Probably because the coconut safety engineer took care of it. Yes, there is a job called coconut safety engineer. These guys get to climb up the coconut trees to check and dislodge fruits that are potentially dangerous.

The Upside: Coconut juice for free, all day long!


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