9 Beauty tips for indian women guaranteed to get you noticed

Mastering the art of the perfect make-up for Indian skin tones can be quite a challenge. There are pimples to hide, colors to lighten and textures to smoothen which puts us Desi Damsels in quite the pickle. We’ve come up with a list of tips that is sure to make you the Desi Diva you always wanted to be. We are also recommending the makeup products that we have used and tested on Indian skin. In our opinion, these are the best makeup products for Indian skin.


And of course, now you don’t have to live in a Metro and go to those hi-fi malls to buy the best cosmetics. Through Amazon, everyone can get these great products delivered straight to their doorsteps, often cheaper than those malls. The days of the Delhi girls having all the fun is over!

1. Lay the Foundation


You’d be surprised how many women are unable to identify the right foundation shade for themselves. This is crucial because you don’t want to end up looking excessively caked up. Also, when you use the right shade of foundation, you use less. Your foundation shade should match color of your neck. You don’t want to look like you’re dressed for Halloween!
2. Powder- The fine line between caked-up and matte finish


Be extremely careful whilst using powder! Powder is meant to give a smooth finished texture to your skin. Instead of using more powder, use more foundation to achieve your desired skin finish. Using too much powder can make your skin seem cakey. Powder should be used only to just use it to cover up small imperfections and cover up the shine.

Again, I think M.A.C has a great offering, but Estee Lauder gives a very smooth finish as well. Two really high quality products!

3. Lipstick Jungle


Choosing good lipstick goes much more beyond just the color. It depends on the finish, gloss/shine level and of course, moisture. If you have chapped lips, avoid matte finish lipsticks and stick to cream and gloss based. Such lipsticks can be especially useful in the winter.

Honestly, Indian skin is an exceptional canvas to experiment on. Moving on from the conventional red, girls with darker shades can try out shades of Purple, Mauve and Maroon. Such colors are great to experiment with and add a little tadka to your looks.
4. Eyeliner- How much is too much?

eyeiner (1)

We brown town ladies love our eyeliner. In fact culturally, Indians and middle-easterners associate eyeliner with beauty, femininity and depth. Dark browns, deep blacks and dusky navy colors all can work beautifully however it is important to use an eyeliner, which suits you. There are three types of eyeliner : Pen, Gel and Liquid. Each type of eyeliner can be used to achieve a number of looks from the pin-up look to a smoky eye. A good way to avoid overdoing the eyeliner is by using primer or concealer to cover up smudges and kinks, rather than covering up with more eyeliner.

5. Blush- Yes we still need it!


A lot of girls with darker skin shades tend to undermine what a few strokes of dusky peach blush can do for them. To achieve a true healthy glow, it is an absolute must to use blush and, to repeat myself, avoid a cake-up look. For Indian girls it all boils down to your individual skin shade, however Corals and Peachestend to be an all in one package.

6. Eyebrows- Don’t underestimate them!


Eyebrows are the outline of your face and ignoring them would be a huge no no. It is quintessential to tweeze/ thread them every 3 weeks at least to keep them neat. If you prefer to keep your eyebrows as they are, it would be advisable to use a gel to smooth them and keep them in place. Also keep in mind while putting on makeup, products like foundation and powder can get caught in your eyebrows, changing their color. It is important to use a colored brow gel or eyebrow pencil to shape and color your brows to achieve a graceful and neat finish. I think Laura Mercier has the best gel for our beautiful Indian eyebrows.

7. Darker skin- To bronze or not to bronze


If you feel like your skin shade is much darker, you might want to use bronzer in place of blush.

Bronzer can also help you achieve a more contoured and glamorous look.

8. Dark Circles- It’s a plague

woman lying with tea bags on her eyes

It’s important to get enough sleep to avoid panda eyes. But sometimes if you’ve got 3 back to back birthday parties this weekend that you can’t miss and a quick fix is the best solution. A good way to minimize puffiness is by placing soaked tea bags over your eyes. Soak the teabags in hot water and leave them in the fridge for about 15 minutes, before usage. I find green tea and black tea bags are the most effective!

9. Make that make-up last


Ever went to the ladies in the middle of the night and been reminded of Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhuliya? Well, stop singing Aami Je Tomar and listen up. Make-up, especially if applied in large amounts can smudge and run due to several reasons, such as heat (oof, this summer) and all the shoving and bumping in the clubs. My personal mantra to keeping my make-up on all night is make-up setting spray. This makes sure that your make-up lasts through the night, controls oil and even deflects surface shine. This is perfect to keep your face looking matte and shine-free all night. My favourite brand for make-up setting is NYX. Don’t skimp on this! Whats the point of all these tips if your makeup runs while you’re out having fun?

We hope you enjoyed reading our beauty tips for Indian women. Ask your questions in the comments section and I’ll be sure to answer them! Don’t forget to share these tips with your girl friends!


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