Why Kashmir in India is known as Heaven On Earth

If Heaven Exists Anywhere, Then Its here, Its here, Its here….

Some one has once said that if there is any heaven on earth then it is in Kashmir. The beauty of this place can easily enchant the mind of any individual. The snowy mountains, lush green grasses, forest etc. together creates a memorable moment in the life of a person. And that is the reason why thousands of tourists are attracted towards this destination every year.
Kashmir is known as one the most beautiful places in India where time stands still. Water, in all or any forms, is one of Kashmir’s charms like rivers, lakes, springs, make music all over the valley. The alluring and majestic sweeps of forested mountains are tempered with miles of flowering meadows. Where beauty knows no bounds, where heart knows no worries, Kashmir, the name says it all. The land where every step makes you feel closer to heaven. The smell of pure air enticing the spirit, gives you a panacian effect. The snow filled mountains, the splendid dal lake, the apple orchids, the sweet smell of saffron, the hospitality of the civilians, every experience is a moment to cherish.


It has many breathtaking and attracting places that is beyond imagination. In this beautiful land, fruits grow in abundance: apple, cherry, peach, pear, plum, loquat, almond, walnut and pine nut. Jammu and Kashmir, India’s one of the most picturesque state lies on the peaks of Himalayan Ranges with varying topography and culture. Kashmir’s capital city, Srinagar offers delightful holidays on the lakes with their shikaras and houseboats. A walk on the snow filled road fills the mind with pride reminding you of the selfless jawans.

The Dal lake, a fresh water lake located near the guesthouse, is a place not to be missed. During peak winter the lake is superficially frozen presenting an awesome view. Rent yourself a shikara (a small travel boat) for a trip- on the splendid Dal lake. The shikara ride takes you through the lanes and by lanes on water, the rajas palace, the floating gardens, and the mughal gardens.


Nestling in the lap of the dazzling, snow-capped Himalayas, the Kashmir valley is undoubtedly a jewel in India’s crown. An inspiration for so much art, music and poetry, Kashmir is also honeymooners’ paradise, a nature lover’s wonderland and a shopper’s dream come true and once you have visited Kashmir,, you will agree that what began as a dream, lives on as an unforgettable experience.

The Tulip garden here is a must see. Every year tulip flower blossom here for just a month from March to April. So if you are planning to see tulips blossoming here, then do visit in the month of March. You will experience something magical and beautiful which is nowhere else in the world but Kashmir.

12b 22tulips1

The floating garden a floating vegetable farm of the local farmers . It is a surprise to see vegetables being grown on water. Dont get surprised if you come across hawkers moving on boats selling saffron, winter wears, flowers and many more shopping utilities. There is also a large shopping alley, all built on water. There are unlimited shopping opportunities here. A visit to one of the apple orchards is a lifetime experience as you rarely get a chance to see one.


The Mughals aptly called Kashmir ‘Paradise on Earth’ where they journeyed across the hot plains of India, to the valley’s cool environs in summer. Here they laid, with great love and care, Srinagar’s many formal, waterfront gardens, now collectively known as the Mughal Gardens. They also patronized the development of art & craft among the people of Kashmir, leaving behind a heritage of exquisite artisanship among these people and making the handicrafts of the land prized gifts all over the world.
Kashmir has four distinct seasons, each with its own peculiar character and distinctive charm. These are spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Srinagar is located in the heart of the Kashmir valley at an altitude of 1,730 m above sea level, spread on both sides of the river Jhelum. The Dal and Nagin lakes enhance its picturesque setting, while the changing play of the seasons and the salubrious climate ensures that the city is equally attractive to visitors around the year.
Its waterways with their own quaint lifestyle, the unique Houseboat, the blossoming gardens, water sports activities, shopping for lovingly hand-crafted souvenirs and the nearby resorts make it a cherished spot among those looking for a memorable holiday.

We also visited one of the many saffron fields located in the outskirts of the city. As a matter of fact saffron is grown only in two places in the world and Kashmir is one of them


A vacation at Kashmir is incomplete if you fail to visit Gulmarg, the land of white carpet. Gulmarg is a world-famous skiing spot. Gulmarg is the most beautiful place in the Kashmir to watch. In the month of December and January, this place is covered with snow. Doing skiing here is just fabulous or indulging into its world class Golf course. The Snowy Mountains and valley together creates a fabulous beauty.

8336821862_9a2d003f3a_b Gondola-in-Gulmarg-in-winter gulmarg gulmarg-1

Pahalgam is a jewel hill station. Its natural splendour with snow clad mountains on all sides, a white water river traversing the bottom, added to trekking and pony riding makes the recipe for a world class vacation. . Pahalgam presents the most enchanting view of the snow capped Himalayas. The Jhelum river flows through this place. The water of the Jhelum river flowing from the Himalayas is so pure that it is the main source of water of the people living there.
Pahalgam is considered to be the starting point of the holy Amarnath Yatra. From here you can either go on foot or hire yourself a pony to reach the caves. The Amarnath caves is historically considered to be the holy abode of the lord shiva. During peak winters an ice linga is formed at the entrance to the caves giving it a divine look. However the caves are worth visiting only during the yatra time.

Manali-2011-665 pahalgam Pahalgam-2

Many tourists are attracted to Srinagar by the charm of staying on a houseboat, which provides the unique experience of living on the water in a cedar-panelled elegant bedroom, with all the conveniences of a luxury hotel. Srinagar’s thousand or so houseboats are moored along sections of the Dal and Nagin Lakes and river Jhelum, each decorated fancifully and named romantically and even whimsically. Like hotels, houseboats vary in degree of luxury and have been accordingly graded by the Department of Tourism.

srinagar5 kashmir (1) land-4 houseboat2 image_bateau-3


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