#INSTAGRAM: 10 Tips that will take your vacation photo to a whole new level !

With this step-by-step plan you will make the best impression on Instagram with amazing summer holiday snapshots: Location, Outfits & the boyfriend as a photographer: How do fashionistas plan their holidays for the best Instagram pictures? With this plan you will succeed with the best Instagram photos: 1. Choose the OMG locaton: DSCF5550-Edit-X2 2. Before booking a vacation look for a region where you can find: Waterfalls (for sexy photos), a beautiful pool hotel, a yacht for amazing deck photos, etc. 4d6fc97e5b18a 3. Take your boyfriend/girlfriend or your best friend with you: to help you with the photos and to discuss ideas. Paris-Motor-Show-Models-57 4. What to take with you: hot bikinis, trendy accessories and amazing summer dresses! Summer-2015-Women-Casual-Deep-V-Wrap-Dresses-Bohemian-roupas-Sexy-Women-s-Beach-Dress-ChiffonBeach 1 5. Use your mobile phone to capture every beautiful moment: Griffina-Lambert-11 6. Shoot no less than 50 photos: in this way you will have more options to find that perfect pic. perf.preview 7. Choose the photos that will amaze your followers & others: pics where you look sexy yet classy, sporty, etc Liya-Kebede-for-THE-OUTNET-High-Summer-Collection-Bellanaija-June2015001 8. Try out all the filters: in this way you will find the best filter for your photos. wb-comparison 9. Don’t forget to inform your location: img_8808 10. Post your photos on Instagram at the high-traffic times: The most successful times on average are 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. o-INSTAGRAM-facebook


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