The weirdest pubs in #Europe

Fancy a beer in original surroundings? Here’s a list of the strangest pubs you can find in Europe. Having a drink in one of these places is a whole new experience. Icy interiors, synthpop all night long or creepy decorations, there’s something very special about each one of them.

Le Cercueil, Brussels, Belgium

Someone could shot a horror movie in Le Cercueil and no additional decoration would be needed. The place is as creepy as it gets: open coffins for tables, drinks served in skulls, skeletons staring at you with their empty eyes, scary pictures on the walls, skull lampshades and atmospheric music. You might order a drink called vampire blood and sip it slowly in the darkness. The pub organizes speed-dating, so that all the dark souls could find someone who’s just as gloomy as they are.

Address: Rue des Harengs 10-12, Ville de Bruxelles

Absolut Ice Bar, Stockholm, Swedenicebar14 kaelteste-bar-ice-bar-640x390
Cold, snowy weather isn’t enough for you? Icebar in Stockholm takes winter to another level. That’s where you can get a drink served in an ice-cube. Forget about comfy armchairs and fluffy blankets and stand by the bar made of ice. Don’t forget to take some warm clothes, because the temperature inside of the pub is -5°C. The entire interior is made of ice that is being regularly brought from the Torne River in Swedish Lapland. The bar’s a popular attraction, so you should book a session in advance (send an email to

Address: Vasaplan 4, Stockholm. The main entrance is located between Nordic C Hotel and Arlanda Express.

Depeche Mode Baar, Tallin, Estonia

If you’re a devoted fan of Depeche Mode, Tallin has the best pub for you. With lots of posters and pictures on the walls, specific atmosphere and Depeche Mode’s songs being constantly played, the bar is definitely a paradise for the fans. Places devoted to The Beatles or Elvis Presley are numerous, but Depeche Mode? That’s a rare gem!

Address: Voorimehe 4, Tallinn

Das Klo Bar, Berlin, Germany


Das Klo means “The Toilet” – this piece of information is probably enough for you to imagine how the bar looks like. One of the quirkiest pubs ever, Das Klo Bar is inspired by… well, toilets, obviously. You can drink a beer from a urine bag and take a toilet seat. That sounds crazy enough, but there are even more of odd things in Das Klo Bar, the owner’s creativity wasn’t limited to one theme only. Rocking chairs, rotating bar stools, skeletons, wine served in blood transfusion bags, it all reminds of a big Halloween party.

Address: Leibnizstr. 57, Berlin

Skeleton Bar, Gruyere, Switzerland


If you’re a fan of science-fiction movies, you might have heard of Hans Rudi Giger. A small introduction to those who’d rather watch a psychological drama than Batman Forever: Giger was an excellent painter, sculptor and designer who cooperated with some of Hollywood’s most famous directors. Together with the team he got an Oscar for special effects in Alien. The Skeleton Bar is both a pub and a museum inspired by his works. The interior is an eerie, skeletal structure; as soon as you enter, you’ll feel as if you were inside of an alien’s stomach, just like in the tale of Jonah and the whale. Only for fans of horror movies.

Address: Château St. Germain, Gruyères, 1663

The Laundromat Café, Reykjavik, Iceland

The Laundromat Café is extremely practical. It’s designed not only to be a bar, but a washhouse as well. No more boring hours of waiting for the laundry to be done. In Laundromat Café you can have a tea, coffee, beer or a glass of wine while your clothes are being washed. There are books, magazines and board games, there are also other visitors you can always socialize with. Never before making laundry was so much fun.

Address: Austurstræti 9, Reykjavík

Zetors Bar, Helsinki, Finland

Missing rural vibe in the city? Zetors Bar has a solution. Named after a famous Czech tractor brand, Zetors Bar is like a trip to a village. And like a trip in time, because Zetors was mainly known during the Cold War. You can sit next or on a tractor while enjoying your beer. Decorations and atmosphere are very village-like. The restaurant serves traditional Finnish cuisine.

Address: Mannerheimintie 3, Helsinki

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