5 Reasons Why I Hate Travel


There are so many reasons to travel, and the online community is dominated by various people’s versions of these reasons. From cheap travel to luxury vacations, dorms to private rooms, backpacking to guided tours, everyone you ask will tell you that they love to travel! And that you will too.

But isn’t that all just a bit optimistic?


Top ten reasons why you have to travel in your 20s, top 5 things to see before you die, why you should get on the road NOW, etc etc Ask any writer – you should travel.

IMG_6980 Travel is sunny, travel is relaxing, travel is the best holiday ever! Right?

You get to see new things! You can grow as a person! You can make new friends, learn about life and do weird things like get very drunk in the middle of a desert… and no-one will care! Pretty much, when you travel the world is…

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