10 Reasons Why The Good Guy Won’t Cheat On You

Girls, even if you trust your man to the moon and back, sometimes there can be a niggling feeling in the back of your head that he might be cheating. For the good guys though, there are plenty of reasons why this would never even cross their mind. Here are the top ten reasons why the good guy won’t cheat on you;

He’s happy with what he’s got.Rose-Day-2015-Messages-For-Girlfriend

Once men have settled down with a girl they care about, the last thing they want to do is go searching for more women. Apart from being a lot of extra effort, they care enough about you enough to be in a relationship with you. Cheating just isn’t an option.

He doesn’t need to add notches to his bedpost now.

Sexual couple in bedroom

At one stage in his life, he probably did keep an eye on how many women he was bringing back to his house each week. However, he’s got you now and is very happy to keep that bedpost just how it is. The only thing he’ll be adding to it now is your underwear. Kinky.

He respects himself.


Some men stop themselves from cheating purely because they’re afraid of getting caught – but good men would stay faithful even if it was guaranteed that nobody would find out. He’s worked hard to be who and where he is, and doesn’t need to disrespect himself or you. It’s not just about him anymore once he’s in a relationship, there are other feelings involved now.

He’s not only interested in sex anymore.couple_2788635b

His main aim in your relationship is to make you happy and be happy within himself. Sex is great, but it’s not the most important thing about you two being together anymore. It’s the added bonus, but he cares about you enough to not let the relationship solely be about sex.

A good man doesn’t take the easy way out.Annoying-Habits-of-Men

When you get into the more serious stages of a relationship after a year or so, the Honeymoon period is officially over. Now you two have to live your lives and still see each other at the same time. If he’s mature enough, he’ll realise that every relationship has difficult stages. A good man won’t leave you when times get tough.

He doesn’t have time to cheat.couple-having-dinner-on-the-beach-770x513

If he’s living his life properly, he should be a pretty busy man. Any time that he does have spare, should be spent with you or trying to do things to make himself a better man, not a worse one. Obviously he’ll have time with his mates, but the last thing he wants to be doing is going out scouting for women. He has you, after all.

He won’t turn his back on a friend.Take-a-vacation

Once you’re in a relationship with someone, after a certain while you’re not just boyfriend and girlfriend, but best friends. You are each others confidants and moaning machines. A good man will never sacrifice a friendship, especially with his best friend.

He values his reputation.030912-friends

While many moons ago in school it may have been funny or cool to cheat on your girlfriend, now it just makes men look a little bit pathetic. While everyone else is enjoying their relationship, your man doesn’t want to be the only one still scouting the world for loose women. A good man will never try and destroy his own reputation, especially with the boys.

He respects the woman in his life.marriage proposal.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large

Cheating is seriously disrespectful. It’s throwing someone else’s feelings away because of something temporary you want. But not just something you want; it’s something you want at the expense of your girlfriend and your relationship. Cheating is lying to someone, it’s breaking their trust, and those are not things you do to someone you respect.

He has a conscience.couple_ll_120522_wg

Any man or woman who cheats, realizes soon after or almost immediately that they’ve done something wrong. A good man will have respect for himself and a conscience. The constant guilt associated with cheating on the girl you love and then having to pretend everything is great when you’re around her, is both pretty shit and pretty difficult.


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