29 Different Breakfasts From 29 Different States Of India

India is a federal union with 29 states and 7 union territories. Talking about the cuisine of India, it varies from state to state. Besides the regular dal and chawal for lunch and the hot pakodas for tea, people living in different states eat some authentic dishes which differ in cooking style and even taste. Here, we bring you a list of indigenous breakfasts of 29 different states of India

1. Andhra Pradesh – Pesarattu upma is a traditional breakfast of the state made out of whole green lentil dosa stuffed with some upma.


2. Arunachal Pradesh – Khura, a buckwheat pancake, is the traditional breakfast of the people.13587966585_c34e48cbe6_b

3. Assam – The traditional breakfast contains chira with yoghurt and jaggery, and is sometimes eaten with cooked rice soaked overnight

. m_71

4. Bihar – Known for its finger-licking dish sattu ke parathe, which is usually served as a breakfast.sattu-ke-parathe

5. Chhattisgarh – People eat faara for breakfast, which is usually made out of milk, sugar and some dry fruits.Image-1 (2)

6. Goa – The bhaji-pao is a mouth-watering breakfast of the people here.medium_Bhaji_Pao

7. Gujarat – The lip-smacking and crunchy dhokla!oesbyNadehfii_bigger

8. Haryana – The authentic and exquisite breakfast of Haryanvis is besan ki masala roti, and it tastes yum!oetogxjgieaeh_bigger

9. Himachal Pradesh – Bhatura with lassi is a savoury breakfast here. Bhatura is a kind of bread made by fermenting wheat flour.


10. Jammu and Kashmir – One of the unique cuisines of the state is Kashmiri bread with noon chai or the sheer chai. You can enjoy this delicious snack at every household in this state.13-7-15_Breaking-Fast-with-Kashmiri-Pink-Tea_2 15_06_14_metro16_img 11145939_10153197585809362_241192689_n

11. Jharkhand – Chilka roti, namkeen pitha, litti chokha and ghungni are common breakfast foods here.bihari-food1 Chilka Roti1

12. Karnataka – Neer dosa is a lip-smacking breakfast for the people here.neer-dosa

13. Kerala – Puttu is a traditional dish which is made out of rice flour and coconut commonly served with some kadala curry.


14. Madhya Pradesh – People eat a combination of poha and jalebi for breakfast!poha-jalebi

15. Maharashtra – Misal pav, not vada pav, is the traditional and most common dish here. You can enjoy them at any street side stall for as cheap as Rs.20.Bedekar-Misal-Pune-Maharashtrian-Restaurants1

16. Manipur – Manipuris enjoy the delicious dish of tan and changaang. Tan refers to any flat bread and changaang is a sweet tea.


17. Meghalaya – A rice and meat-based Khasi delicacy known as jadoh or dohjem are easily available in restaurants as well as at roadsides.


18. Mizoram – People, here, love eating chicken with rice and green vegetables for breakfast.6.

19. Nagaland – Breakfast consists of rice and tathu, which is a meat dish with one or two boiled vegetable dish, rice and chutney.


20. Odisha – Breakfast consists of chura bhaja. Bhaja means deep fried.badi-chura

21. Punjab – The Mouth-watering aloo de parathe for breakfast.aaloo-parantha

22. Rajasthan – Rajasthani breakfast consists of mirchivada, which differs in style of cooking and the taste as well.61.1-rajasthani-mirchi-vada-1-

23. Sikkim – Momos, which is the biggest craze throughout the country, is a traditional breakfast of Sikkim.momo

24. Tamil Nadu – Anything from Idli, Dosa, Vada with sambar is the common, authentic and ancient breakfast of Tamil Nadu.


25. Telangana – Sarvapindi is a savory pancake made out of rice flour and peanuts which is a breakfast relished here.sarva pindi 3

26. Tripura – Spicy fish curry with some herbs served with rice is eaten as breakfast here.


27. Uttar Pradesh – The home-cooked breakfast of kachori with aloo ki sabji is a delectable delight of this state


28. Uttarakhand – Locals love munching on bhatt (black soya bean) and gahat ki dal.


29. West Bengal – The most commonly consumed breakfast is luchi aloo. Luchi, also known as poori, is made of flat bread and is deep fried.



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