“Recondite” – The Hinterland Fame. German musician, techno producer, label owner.

Recondite (born Lorenz Brunner in Lower Bavaria) is a German musician, techno producer, label owner and sound artis
Recondite’s diversity of appearances is reflected by releases on various labels such as Dystopian and Innervisions. These are driven by different variations of electronic music, but at the same time characterised by Brunner’s own sound.Recondite performs live and is known for his sets adapted to the prevailing mood of the audience as well as to the divergent local conditions. This earned him a nomination for the DJ Awards 2014 in the category “Electronic Live Performance”. His EP “Caldera” is currently #1 in the beatport-techno-charts.

His musical style is attributed both ambient, deep house and techno/acid techno. In fact, Brunner’s musical output blurs the boundaries between these categories. The released Albums and EPs include melancholy and gloomy tracks, with atypically low bpm, and also veritable techno tracks straight to the dancefloor. According to this, the music press has difficulties in unambiguous assignment. Already the Press called Recondite’s musical style e.g. “moll techno”, “John Carpenter-House” (Groove), “mediative techno” (Resident Advisor), “Bayreuth in 4/4” and “Götterdämmerung in 808”

Recondite uses field recording and synthesizer. He works with the software-pack operator from Ableton, which is combining analog sounds and frequency modulation synthesis. Except the acid test productions, no further synthesizer are used by Brunner.


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