“Kosme” – Exceptional energy and a Unique Character

It is with exceptional energy and unique character that Kosme shares his vision of house and techno with an attentive public. His sets are full of passion and a contagious groove, with his Detroit and Chicago influences being refined to modern tastes.

2013 has seen him express himself across Europe, from the underground clubs in Berlin to some of the most prestigious festivals. He stays deeply attached to his home town, where he has launched the successful “Cosmic Adventure” club night at Le Sucre, where he holds the rank of Resident Dj with the likes of Laurent Garnier or Agoria. This monthly residence is a story of his image which sees him invite the artists whom he admires to please a public with an acquired taste for his cause. With the likes of Theo Parish, Prosumer, Move D and Basic Soul Unit being amongst a long list of invitees, the occasion is lives up to its name.

Surrounded by artists with whom he shares the same values, he released a superb remix of Agoria’s « For One Hour », whereas « April Moon », his hit on New York’s Thema Records kept on opening new doors. 2014 is also the start of a new journey with Cosmic Ad Records coming to life, a new label aiming to be an open minded logbook of his ever expending universe with « 1st Things 1st », the debut EP, to be released in May.

« A pillar of electronic music in Lyon: the 2013 edition of Nuit Sonores, and the respective boiler room empowered his Michigan House and Techno influences to shine the world over from Vladivostock to Punta Arena. He deserves it »
says Kiblind Magazine in France.


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