11 Things a Man Should Never Say to His Woman!

Women expect men to be correct at all times, however most of the men do make some silly mistakes that can set a woman’s temper flaring, here in this article we shall be talking about the things all men should avoid mentioning in front of their women, read on to know them and become a wiser and a smarter man that your woman will love! Follow us on

You did that mistake! Hello!! “You were wrong”. You say this to your girlfriend and she will think of 11 different ways to drown you. It’s not your mistake after all, they have been programmed to debate. If she says no, you figure out the exact time when the notion may turn to yes.couple-having-an-argument

You look just okay! When you need to go to an exclusive party and before you could think of anything, she delivers a full toss by asking you ”How am I looking” and as soon as you say “You look just fine”, Man you are out, hit wicket. I know this makes you feel like Misbah-ul-haq but live with it.AnnaChokingBarry-DatingandLoveMentor-BarryPaulPrice

She is just another friend! “She is just a friend “. If she is your colleague and you have invited her for dinner, and if the next moment your girlfriend walks in. Man you have invited an earthquake. After the dinner, Enjoy the questioning session with your girlfriend. She will start with obvious questions like, is she married or single. Why did you call her? Honey, please tell me if you don’t like me and want to move on. Well that escalated very quickly.Blog-Pic-Jealous-Woman-Man-Flirting-12719482-400x266

Don’t act so dumb! You may have said it in order to laugh off the subject. But she has taken it as an insult and her vicious mind is asking her to take revenge and she is probably comparing her with Alia Bhatt, hence, going into depression. She is crying, fake the emotional shit.article-20144119125125462850003

You have put on some weight! You actually thought you complimented her, man, how you could say that. Now what, she will burn a hole in your pocket and sign up for a weight-loss program at Gold’s Gym. Now try convincing her, you actually find her plump sexy. You would also be starving for a week with no breakfast.

Girl alone at lunch

Should we get married? You thought of asking her this question, keeping in mind the relationship and how you want to take your relationship a step further. But she thinks of it as a rhetorical question and has started to feel depressed because you are still confused about marriage, while she was ready with kid’s name. (Yeah # Chandler and Monica rip off). She is thinking of stabbing you. Run


*That girl* is hot! It’s a Sunday and you are out for shopping with your girlfriend and amidst the rush, she meets her long lost friend. Your first reaction is, man, she is sexy. After the tiring shopping session, she shoots a question like “What do you think of my friend “, and words like “She is hot “pops out of your mouth. Now probably, you will be waiting for her to walk out or throw you out of the car. Start the engine, idiot. 53

Will you eat all of that? You have got a promotion and decide to celebrate it in a fancy restaurant. As soon as the waiter starts serving you the dishes, you look at her face and as soon as she takes the first bite, you ask her .Baby, you will eat all of that. She is furious and next thing on her mind is to throw that bowl of Hakka noodles on you. Not your fault…Is it??wpid-dating-couple1

You resemble my ex! “You look like my ex “.You said it because you appreciate her caring behavior, but she thinks of it as a hint of breaking up! She is thinking, you are still in love with your ex .You don’t love her and will soon be hitting the brakes. She is now mentally preparing herself for a break up. Hug her fast.548a877575ffa_-_rbk-couple-facing-each-other-smiling-s2

Need my own space! “I need my own space” Normally, it’s a statement used by you to politely ask time for some work and assignment which have been kept on pending table for a while. But according to her, you are regarding her as a time eating termite.


I don’t know where the relationship is going! “I like spending time with you but I cannot tell you where the relationship is going”. Honesty is the best thing but dude these words can help you getting a slap on your face. According to her she has trained you for a good six months and she is just waiting for you to say “Let’s get married”. When you say you are clueless about the relationship. Man, you have hit the break up button. No matter what you do, how much you avoid saying all these things. Everything said above can lead to a break up. This will be followed by weeks of melodrama .So, think before you speak to her, she has the sharpest memory, it’s like every mistake is archived in her memory24-1422104552-21-1416546029-07-1378566728-14-couple5


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