10 Clear Signs You Are Totally In Love With Wine

Is it just me or do you guys also feel like having a glass of wine by your side every time you watch Game of Thrones and see Cersei or Tyrion drinking wine in their own style? Just as people wine are also very different from each other. They vary in color, taste, place of origin, point of genesis, energy, age, aroma and so many other things.

And a true wine lover knows a great bit about their favorite drink. So for all the wine lovers out there, tell me how many of these points can you relate to? And all the ones out there who don’t like wine, knowledge is never harmful, is it! 😉

1. You have tried/want to try all the kinds of wine in the world.

2. Hand you a glass of wine and you automatically start with the 5 S’s of tasting.


3. Your dream holiday destinations serve a really high quality wine.


4. You don’t believe in the fact that certain food go with certain kinds of wine and like to experiment to discover new tastes.

5. You can easily guess the age of the wine by having a keen look at its color.

6. You often flaunt the health effects of wine such as lower risk of blood pressure and stroke and many others in front of people.

7. While addressing wine, you like using the perfect vocabulary.

8. You absolutely love the fact that wine has no sugar and it still tastes so sweet.

9. You totally agree with the fact that wine goes perfectly with every occasion. Be it anniversary, graduation, casual gathering or Saturday evening, wine is the perfect drink.

10. You feel that drinking wine is an adventure in itself and you love sharing it with your loved ones.

Friends Toasting Wine Glass

And lastly, you believe that wine can never be tagged. It is not a lady’s drink or a gentleman’s drink. It is not a winter drink or a feel-better drink. For you, it simply is wine, an accompaniment to life experiences–where you are and who you’re with and you love enjoying the uniqueness that it has to offer.

And to conclude,




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