10 Delicious street food to try out in Lucknow

Lucknow is known as city of nawabs, here you may find great historical place and along with great rich divine taste of food. Lucknow city is fully packed with lot of famous restaurants located in top class hotels and posh areas.

Lucknow also has some famous street food corners which are famous for their cooking and preparation techniques which makes them unique from others

Lucknow – The Land of Nawabs and Awadhi cuisine, this place is a total foodie’s paradise!

So today i am going to list some best street food. Let’s start the mouth watering journey:

1). Kebab

Veg. Shami Kebab – Green Restaurant
Kebab is a special delicacy which was once made exclusively for a Nawab in Lucknow. You will find lots of varieties of kebabs in Lucknow. I love Veg. Shami Kebab a lot because of rich delicious taste. With lots of spices infused in it and super soft which melts in mouth. Enjoy it with Roomali Roti, it will taste super yummy. Galawati Kebab and Tunday Kebab are most famous here for their delicious kebabs.

2). Biryani


Biryani is a rice cooked with spices, vegetables or meat. You will get lots of variety of Biryani’s in Lucknow. As i am vegetarian i love enjoying Veg. Handi Dum Biryani from Royal Cafe (Gomti Nagar).

3). Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature – Shri Lassi Corner
Chole bhature is one of the popular Punjabi recipe, which is now widely loved by all over India. It tends to be a heavy and oily dish. Chole Bhature with Onions & Pickles
Although you will get chole bhature in any restaurant but most famous spot is Shri Lassi Corner in Chowk is oldest shop and famous for their Lassi’s and Chole Bhature’s all over Lucknow. Chole’s are black dark in colour and with thick gravy with toppings of paneer cubes on it. Bhature fries in front of you and they are superb hot.

Truly amazing and great aromatic taste they have in their chola’s. Definitely you won’t get this taste in other places. Truly Delicious!

4). Lucknowi Chaat & Basket Chaat


Lucknowi Chaat is with a doubt Indian’s favourite snack which spice up your mood by its super yummy taste. Recommend to try out, you will surely enjoy it.
Lucknowi Chaat – Ram Asrey
Lucknowi Chaat – Neelkanth Sweets
Basket Chaat, is delicious crisper tokri which is bundle with lucknowi chaat served with chutney’s, curd and spices. Topped with namkeens/sev, dry fruits and pomegranate. Lip smacking and delicious food to to enjoy.

If you ever visit to Lucknow then must try out Lucknow’s chaat. Famous spot is Royal Cafe in Hazratganj, Ram Asrey, Hazratganj & Neelkanth Sweets in Gomti Nagar.

5). Gol Gappe (Pani Batase) & Dahi Chutney Batase

Dahi-Chatni-Batase-ModernLifeTimes Gol-Gappe-Pani-Batase-ModernLifeTimes
Gol Gappe (Pani Batase) – ModernLifeTimes
Pani Batase – Royal Cafe
Gol Gappe (Pani Batase) is one of the most famous street snack. It served with preparation of different kind of water. Somewhere you may also get to taste five or even seven types of water which makes this most popular in India. Truly amazing and mouth watering.
Dahi Chutney Batase – Royal Cafe
Dahi Chutney Batase are loved by kids and youths because of its rich dark sweet chutney, which makes batase’s sweeter and topped with curd with spices and salt which enhance the taste. Try Royal Café in Hazratganj and Neelkanth Sweets in Gomti Nagar.

6). Kulfi Falooda (Indian Ice-Cream)

Kulfi Falooda – Neelkanth Sweets
Kulfi Falooda is is a delicious, frozen dessert. Now you may enjoy lots of varieties of kulfi like mango falooda, kesar pista falooda, fruit falooda and many more etc. But most popular is Kesar Falooda Kulfi topped with falooda along with dry fruits. To try out best kulfi falooda must visit old and most famous Prakash Kulfi Corner (Aminabad) or you may also visit Neelkanth Sweets (Gomti Nagar), Royal Cafe (Gomti Nagar) and Moti Mahal (Hazrat Ganj).

7). Sheermal


Sheermal are sweet naan, which is baked in tandoor and you can enjoy it with spicy dishes! They are made with warm milk, sweetened with sugar and flavoured with saffron. Totally mouth-watering,

8). Lassi

Lassi – ModernLifeTimes
Lassi – Shri Lassi Corner
Lassi is perfect for summers and acts as a cooling agent. So you will find this great refreshing drink in every restaurant or lassi corners In Lucknow. But if you want to enjoy best lassi then visit Shri Lassi Corner in Chowk, the oldest shop and famous for their lassi. Their lassi’s are thick and yummy in taste.

9). Makhan Malai (Nimish)


Makhan Malai – ModernLifeTimes
Makhan Malai – Neelkanth Sweets
Makhan Malai is a tasty milk based dessert, you will find in streets of Lucknow. You won’t get this in summers, it exclusively available in winter season. It has a foamy texture and easily melts in mouth. Truly amazing taste and it was perfect for the dessert. Makhan Malai served with topping of saffron, pistachios and Chandi ki Warq (silver leaf), if you want to enjoy this delicious Makhan Malai, then must visit lanes of Chowk (Lucknow).

10). Dahi Bade


Dahi Bade – ModernLifeTimes
Dahi Bade – GPO Ke Thande
Dahi Bade or dahi vada is a popular snack where lentil dumplings are dunked in a creamy whipped yogurt topped with spicy and sweet chutneys. If you want to enjoy delicious mouth watering dahi bade’s hen must visit GPO Ke Thande Dahi Bade near GPO Hazratganj. This is famous old shop but you will get the same rich taste of their dahi bade’s as earlier, no comprise in taste till now.

You can also try out Dahi bade at Royal Cafe in Hazratganj, they are too super yummy and mouth watering. Lucknow city is full of great and delicious food, the more you drool the more you find.

Hope you all enjoyed the post. Have a great delicious day..Keep Rocking!


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