15 Compliments for Guys they would never Ever Forget!

Making a guy fall for you could be a tough job. It may take a lot of time to have the perfect thing in hand. So don’t ever miss any opportunity to compliment him at the right time. Your compliment has the power to make him think about you throughout the day. Compliments can definitely bring him closer to you. Follow us on The best thing a man could hear is how you compliment him for his manly behaviour or chivalrous Endeavour.
These are some of the compliments that you could pass on at the right time:

Advice. When a guy actually advices you for something, then try and be grateful about it. Don’t make him feel that it’s his routinely job for which he’ll get no credit. A sweet gesture in return of his generous favour can make him feel so good.

Driving skills. Each guy feels that he’s a super driver and better than those ones on the F1 track. So next time you shall compliment him while he drives you around the city.

Alternate ladies check him out. Walking down a street with your man? Don’t hate him or dig your nails into his arm if other ladies check him out. Instead, praise him how good he is. He will definitely fancy your compliment after you make him realise that how lucky you feel to be in his arms.

His dreams and ambitions. Guys create huge plans from a very young age. Mention his dreams with him, and if you discover his castles within the sky very fascinating, compliment him concerning his vision. He will feel good for sharing his dreams with you.

His ability. Is your man good at wooing you every time you have a physical encounter with him? If yes, then tell him about it and see how better he does things with you.

Protective instincts. Evolution has trained men to guard ladies. If you say one thing like “I continually feel safe around you” once you’re walking down a street late in the dark, his chest can swell and he would feel very happy with himself.

Wow, you weren’t lying after you aforementioned you had hit the gym! This lets him know that you’ve actually noticed his outgrowing muscles and his going to the gym is paying off.

You mostly make me smile! Most men agree to the fact that one of the best things in a woman is her smile that can break most of the hearts. If your man can make you smile and break you into a giggle every now and then he is definitely a keeper.

I like your (insert colour here) eyes. I simply love them. A piece of recommendation for this specific compliment: certify that you get the eye colour correct. (Otherwise, you can’t even imagine what a mood killer that may be!)

You’re handsome. Being complimented for his physical appearance will always leave him feel good about himself. Tell him often that how good he looks in that outfit or with that haircut.

His chivalry. Did he hold the door open for you? Or did he simply step aside so that you may enter the elevator first? Flash your cutest smile and compliment him for his chivalry. He will love it that you threw some light over his courtesy.

Sense of humour. Each guy knows that a woman can drool over his humour. So, if you let him know that how you feel so happy being with him it will make him feel good.

His bar skills. If your guy is into drinking or can make anybody drool over his drinking skills, then appreciate him for that. He’ll get the perfect feeling when you do it.

His physique. Guys spend a lot of time working on their body to impress their girl of dreams. Well, most of the guys actually do. Get as specific as you can be with the praises.

Charm and speaking skills. Is your young man a pleasant conversationalist? Well compliment him regarding this rather than simply observing him in awe. “All my friends love you, they think you’re such an excellent guy to hold out with” could be a line that will make him feel so good.

Use these compliments at the perfect time to hold up to your man.


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