15 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Have A Friend From The Northeast

Admit it or not, we’ve all been lucky to grow up in such a diverse country like ours, where most of us have friends from almost every state of India. Each friend brings their own ‘spice’ to the gang & a friend circle is incomplete without a kickass dost from Northeast India.

Why, you ask? Read on.

1. The first thing you notice about them: They are the most polite and warmhearted people


And your parents love them coz they’re so smooth to interact with. Bakchodi same, but polite from within. Who would mind a friend like that? 😛

2. Sharp dressing sense


Not that I’m generalizing, but majority of NE folks have an impeccable fashion sense. Can’t mind that either. Bhai, denim on denim chalta hai kya?

3. Their appetite for trying out different food is incomparable


From paneer to chicken, from pork to beef, from rawas to shrimps, from squids to bamboo shoots, from masor tenga to thukpas, from Chinese to European, they’ll never say no to anything gastronomic. Bring it on!

4. The momentary happiness when you can actually make out what they just spoke over the phone to their mom

You tend to give up, but never fail to pick up their local gaalis.

5. You get a free trip to NE when they get married

Mizoram girls

An experience of a lifetime. You realize that they’re not so different, but more alike.

6. You get to know about things you’ve never heard before: bhoot jolokia, apong, bamboo dance, beautiful locations

bamboo-dance-mizoram wpid6-Bhut-Jolokia-

Tawang, Kaziranga, Shillong, Loktak Lake, Root bridges, silk worms, bell metal, muga sarees & what not.

7. You appreciate that they’re well read and brave enough to stand for what’s right


From Irom Sharmila to Mary Kom, there’s no dearth of idols worth following.

8. You learn about a dowry free society


And listen to their passionate talks about how liberated they feel because of it.

9. You love their Hindi, & wonder how come their English sounds so perfect


Thanks to their MTI (Mother Tongue Influence). You lose some, you win some.

10. Talking of English, you learn a lot about 80’s rock, metal and every sort of good music genre/bands out there


Won’t say that every NE person has music in their blood, but most of them play musical instruments naturally.

11. Also, you get to hear awesome local songs of Zubeen Garg , Papon, Bhupen Hazarika and Lou Majaw


Dude, have you heard Papon? Sale, mere ghar ke baju me rehta hai.

12. They’re very creative

eprofileid-144_81268 manipur-natural-fiber-crafts

Nature leaves its mark. The beauty of the mountains, valleys, rivers shine in their work.

13. They hate discrimination, but you appreciate the fact they always counter ignorance/rudeness with a calm mind or harmless sarcasm

Do you guys live in tree-houses? Yes, we do. And also we’re all Christians, & we only feast on dogs & insects. Wanna come?

14. They are open-minded, progressive in thinking & the friendliest


Deep down, you know your friend from NE have always had a positive influence on you. And you simply love their company.

15. In the end, you realize that the only way to break a mental block is by knowing & embracing a friend from every part of the world


And Northeast India is no exception.

Cheers to the Northeast. Cheers to friendship.


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