Top 3 Things Men Love About Women

What do men love about a woman? Many things!

Today we’ll talk about the top three things you can work to get more men to notice you! It’s a quick way to boost your dating life … and find Mr. Right.

1. Your attitude.


Some women have an attitude that can win any man over. It takes practice. It takes knowing what men want and what attracts them to women. It takes a winning attitude. It takes confidence. Power. Game. Experience.

For some women, it comes natural. For others, it takes knowing different men and learning what each type wants and desires. You don’t have to change your basic character to win a man over, but you do have to be a dream girl. A dream girl is so hot because of her belief that she is da-bomb! It’s not entirely about her looks (although looking your best helps you feel really good, too), it’s more about her attitude and belief in her herself. She walks with confidence. Her head is not down looking at the floor, nor are her shoulders stooped. She knows that she is the prize and any man would be lucky to have her! Or even to lay eyes on her.

In dating, remember you are the prize. It’s not about having a difficult, prissy or high maintenance attitude, it’s about knowing your worth and refusing to settle for crumbs. If you are insecure or have low self-confidence, you better believe that men do pick up on it. People can tell from your body language and attitude how you feel about yourself. Take extra great care of yourself and come off as the dream girl you most certainly are!

2. Your look.

Confident Woman

There are types of clothing and accessories that attract men like wild! They are f-e-m-i-n-i-n-e. Anything that screams “I am a woman,” will attract a man. Anything that looks good on your body, that accentuates your curves and your best features will attract men. Don’t dress slutty, but dress like a woman! You don’t have to be a slave to fashion (quite the contrary because some women’s trends scare men more than they attract them!) to score a man, but you do need to know what looks good on you–the colors, fabrics and styles that flatter your figure–and how to strut it when you’re out on the town.

Men are visual. They want you to look good. Do what you can to improve yourself physically and you’ll notice an increase in the type and number of men who approach you. Even if you take great care of yourself and you still look the same, you will be more attractive to a man.Feeling good leads you to emit vibes to men that say “I am sexy and confident.”

3. Your smile.


Don’t frown! Smile because life is soo good! Even if you’re having serious problems in your life, be grateful. A smile is the best way to express your gratitude at what life has given you! And, men looove a woman with a smile. Women who smile get approached far more than women who don’t.

Experiment. Go out one night and smile! Don’t necessarily smile at any one man in particular (you can if you want too), but smile at the universe. Smile because you’re alive! The more you can smile while going about your day to day activities, the better response you’ll get from people. Men will approach you. Try it out!


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