10 Blissful Sweet Dishes Straight Out Of The Bengali Kitchen

You don’t really get any additional point for admitting that only Bengalis know how to ‘properly’ eat sweet dishes in India. I mean come on, it is a fact universally acknowledged!

Bengal has a rich heritage of sweet dishes, and not all of them come from the professional kitchens of renowned sweet shops. These 9 delicious dessert dishes actually come out from the kitchens of regular Bengal households.

1. Plastic chutney


Made with green papaya, this beautiful dessert has nothing plastic-ey about it except the look. Here is a recipe.

2. Patishapta


The Bengali equivalent of pancakes that are 1000 times more delicious! Here is a recipe.

3. Malpoa


I’m sorry, words fail me while trying to describe this gorgeousness. Please try it for yourself.

4. Nolen gurer payesh (rice pudding made with jaggery)


Happy birthday to you  [in case you didn’t get the joke, ask your Bong friend]. Here’s a recipe.

5. Mishti doi


Meals are generally incomplete without this sweet yogurt. Here is a recipe.

6. Narkel naru

Narkel Naru

This laddu is how you make use of coconuts. Making them requires some work, but the end result is totally worth it!

7. Dudhpuli


Because Bengali winter is cold and full of dudhpuli. Here’s a recipe if you want to make it.

8. Rosogollar payesh


When two of the best Bengali desserts, payesh and rosogolla, join together, you know the creation is something out of this world. Here is a recipe.

9.Taler bora (Sugar Palm Fritters)

Taler Bora 1

This seasonal fried dessert is literally to die for. Here is a recipe you might try.

10. Tomato aamsotto chutney


Tomato chutney is a pretty common dessert. But the moment aamshotto (dried mango pulp) joins the party, the dish becomes something ethereal. Here is a recipe.

“I wasn’t going to have dessert, but it was right there, all gooey and sweet. It’s like sex. I mean, when it’s right there, what are you supposed to do?” – J.D. Robb


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