10 Ways Your Friends React When You Turn Vegetarian

Have you just turned vegetarian? Despite being the most compassionate and logical thing to do, the reactions that your friends will give you are fun to watch. It’s almost as of you have hurt their sentiments.

Here’s how your friends will react to your ‘surprising’ decision

1. “OMG!!!”

The one you mistook for a surprised look was a shock of sorts…like they’ve been told it’s time for the much talked-about apocalypse!

2. “What are you going to eat now?”

“Don’t you know…if there weren’t enough animals to kill, we’d all be dying of hunger!”

3. “Paneer…is that where you get your protein from?”

As if the only substitute to their satiable ghee-laden butter chicken is paneer!

4. “You talk about animal rights….aren’t you hogging on their food?”

Well, can’t say much to that brainy thought!

5. “We will all have chicken, what about you?”


You’re suddenly the odd one out.

6. “Who says you can have plants and save the environment?”

Now this is one battle most vegans or vegetarians either lose or refuse to indulge in. The debate is both endless and useless.

7. “Plants are living beings too…”

“And they have feeling too”, they will add.

8. “How can you eat ghass-phoos?”

This is what most friends complain. Hunie, it’s time to take a closer look into the kitchen that gives you those flavors in all non vegetarian dishes—unless you eat the boiled version of course!

9. “WHY!”

This is to say that lets indulge in a debate coz I don’t want you to not eat animals.

10. “Animal rights? What about plant rights?”

Image of friends having  fun together at a party

Like they really care about the plants…

Masala laden oily chicken curry isn’t healthier than Palak Paneer.
Deep fried french fries aren’t healthier than chicken tandoori.

Eat whatever you want, eat healthy.


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