14 Things You Can Do To Start Loving Yourself Again

From a horrible break up to a disastrous result to being disappointed in one’s own self to simply not feeling fine, we all have been there and done our fair share of hating ourselves.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder that even if we dont have anybody in the world beside us, we’ll always have ourselves!

Here are a few small things you can do to love yourself again.

1. Accept what you’re feeling


no matter what it is, be honest. It really helps you to deal with whatever is going on.

2. Take a trip


be it long or short, alone or with people, to an unknown place or a known one, you need to get out of your comfort zone to make peace with the uncomfortable.

3. Read a book


read that book you’ve been meaning to for a long time, but kept on putting off. That’s a good start!

4. Cry, if you feel like it

pour your heart out through your eyes, sob, wail ,bawl, do whatever makes you feel better. To hell with whoever is judging you!

5. Dress up and go out


it not only takes your mind off of what’s bothering you, but also makes you feel good about yourself. And as people say, fake it till you make it!

6. Start a journal or a diary

main Jirsak shutterstock_64481404

You can tell it all and it wont mock you. You wont even waste money on therapy. Plus, writing!

7. Force yourself to smile


you’ll end up feeling better, trust me!

8. Acknowledge compliments


when someone compliments you on something, acknowledge it instead of fumbling. You deserve it. 🙂

9. Study for sometime, or work


Believe me, things not getting done is a biggest sourse of disappointment with yourself.

10. Clean up your room


and put a new poster or picture or lamp, take your pick. New makeover for room = new makeover for your mood.

11. Opt for something healthy, instead of comfort food


You might crib in the beginning, but you’ll feel better, and more fresh.

12. Take yourself out on a date to some place fancy


Or pamper yourself in some other way. Treat yourself like your crush!

13. Do something for free for someone


Give your seat to an elderly, or carry your next door neighbour’s grocery bag. Do something without an expectation. Nothing makes one feel instantly better about himself/herself!

14. Call up your grandparents


Or give them a surprise visit. The excitement in their voice or the look on their face, is totally worth the ‘trouble’!

Because you are the best! 🙂


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