10 Types Of Single Women

There are single women and there are single women. Some come with natural dating abilities, while some claw their way to the top. Some are dreamers, while some are just not interested in getting hitched. Some women choose work over love. Not all single women sing the same tune or see the world the same way. Which single woman are you? Find out for yourself by reading through these types of single women.
The soulmate seeker: You have binged on a diet of rom-coms and you are doing everything you can to find The One.


The cynic: When you meet a guy, you don’t fall hard and fast, you actually assume he’s an ass, from the beginning. You make him prove he’s not.


The phoenix: You recently had a painful break-up and you are doing everything you can to rise from the ashes.


The organic: You prefer to leave things up to destiny and live your own life rather than hunt for men in any methodical or calculated fashion.


The picky dater: You are the bomb, so, of course, it takes an extraordinary man to capture your attention. If he doesn’t check all the boxes on your ever-growing list, you can’t be bothered.

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The serial dater: You are the embodiment of the ‘hook-up’ culture. You date anybody and everybody because you like them all.


The desperate chick: Like the serial dater, you’ll give anyone a shot but your reasons are different. You’re tired of dating and scared to end up being alone. You NEED to be with someone, like rightnow!

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The free spirit: You worry that you can only have one or the other – your independence or a committed relationship (and you think the former is better).

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The baby barometer: You want a baby. In fact, you want a baby so badly that you don’t even care about the guy. As long as he has good DNA and a job, you’re down to get knocked up.


The matrimonial mater: The rest of your life is on hold while you wait for your future husband to appear, preferably from a matrimonial site. Monitored by your parents. And he must meet every detail on your ‘dream guy’ list.



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