10 Things Delhi Guys Boast About In Mumbai

This post is written from a perspective of a Delhi guy. Mumbai is an awesome city, no doubt about it. But Delhi is Delhi.

1. Roads – Abey aisi sadkon par toh hum cycle chalate hain!

Pavement vendor1

That awkward moment when you realize that the main road in Mumbai is narrower than the jogging tracks in Delhi.

And not to mention the insane traffic jams.

2. Winters – Rajai mein cuddle karne ka mazza tum kya jaano Ramesh ‘Bhau’ ?


If you think the roads  in Mumbai are bad, try dealing with the humid weather.Your so called ‘pleasant weather’ in December is no match for Delhi’s swaggadelic winters. Unleash the cuddles.

3. Hauz Khaas Village/Shahpur Jat-  Over 100 cafes and designers in a line. Take that Bandra kurla Complex

Your malls are no match for the feel of Hauz Khaas village/Shahpur Jat.


From food to fashion HKV and SJ have no alternatives in Mumbai.

4. Greenery- Abey jitne ped poore Bombay mein hain, utne sirf meri colony ke ek block mein hain.


Yes you have Marine drive, but that’s about it, the lack of trees and the quality of air in Mumbai is disappointing.

5. Dilli ka khaana- From momos to chaat, to chola bhaturas to cheese cakes, you name it we have it

You can take anything away from Delhi, but you can never take away the variety of food it offers. Almost every existent cuisine of the planet is available in Delhi.


6. Metro Pudil station Dadar Aahe! Bitch please!

Mumbai recently started a metro line, Its like buying an ipone 3 when the whole world has Iphone 6S. Morever you can’t match the awesomeness of the Delhi metro.


The connectivity, convenience and the cleanliness are way too cool for Bombay.

7. Sasti sharab – 200 rs mein BP? What kind of sorcery is this?


Yes we have fancy places to drink, but we also have places where you can BYOB, order chakna, get sloshed like there’s no tomorrow and still have money to open a fixed deposit in the bank the next day :D. #HappyTimes

8. Bade Ghar – Mera ek bathroom tere poore ghar se bada hai.


No seriously! the houses(flats) in Mumbai are way to small when you compare them with houses(Kothis) of the same value in Delhi. Quality of life and the sense of privacy in Delhi is way way better than Mumbai.

9. Jugaad – Your daddy from delhi was behind the whole ideology of it

fukrey four mobike

Guess where the term and the ideology of ‘Jugaad’ originated. While you Bombaywallahs were wasting time eating Vada Pao, we were making the world a better place by doing epic ‘Jugaads’.

10. Sarojini Nagar -If you thought Hauz Khaas Village and Shahpur Jat were enough!! Boo yaa

Guess where Alia Bhatt shopped from before becoming a Caprese Girl? #SaturdaySaturday

sarojini sn-market41


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