8 Incredible Places In India You Must Visit This Monsoon

It’s Shocking That Many Indians Have Ignored These 8 Spectacular Places Till Today. Why You Must Visit Them

1. Home To The One-Horn Rhino – Gorumara National Park

gorumara-national-park gorumara-national-park-india-india1152_13313977852-tpfil02aw-22428

Amidst the rich flora, Gorumara National Park also shelters over 50 species of mammals, 193 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles and 27 species of fishes. The national park is famous for Asiatic one-horned rhino.
The jungle is awesome and the best part is the Jungle Safari. Do stay near jungle resort to enjoy the atmosphere. You can ride on elephants. If you are lucky, you can see peacocks, elephants, buffaloes etc.”

2. A Place With Gorgeous Meadows – Janjehli

Himachal Yatra_290711 560 Janjehli Valley - A part of least explored Himachal Pradesh - Photographs by Karan Gupta (7 of 7)

Located inside the district of Mandi, the journey to Janjehli valley is an enchanting experience. The valley is at an height of 2150 metres in Thunag tehsil and called a trekkers paradise. The valley is laden with open grounds with lush green meadows and bears a striking resemblance to Gulmarg. Janjehli offer numerous trails for trekkers to explore this beautiful valley and along with some wildlife sanctuaries.

3. Vibrant Tribal Life & Orchids – Champhai

champai lake mizo_people_india mizoram_champai_h remote-mizoram-500x500

The road to Champhai is not for the weak. The journey is a grueling 8-hour mountain drive with multiple blind curves to tackle. Famed for its colourful tribal traditions, orchids and beautiful surroundings, Champhai has several hamlets that are dotted with monuments and monoliths.

“Champhai, is the coldest place in Mizoram, seems to be the food bowl of the state. Paddy fields can be seen everywhere on this mountain spot. It is a village-cum-town where you can spend all your time walking around leisurely watching nature and exploring the market. In November it is very cold there. It is cooler than Aizawl, Zokhawthar and Saitual.

4. Undiscovered Birding Paradise – Chakrata

chakrata-7 Chakrata-Uttarakhand shareiq_1229_1394536784.169744 chakrata-images-photos-50bf456fda064d76c20519be

Chakrata is known for its beautiful and pollution free atmosphere. With green valleys and dense forests of conifers, rhododendrons and oaks, Chakrata is an ideal retreat from city life. Beautiful landscapes attract nature lovers, trekkers, bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts for exploring the small hill resort.

“Chakrata is unlike any other hill station, ice paved roads, small tea stalls and even less hotels. Peaceful journey incredible views and the road less travelled are the synonyms for Chakrata. Chakrata and the direct long romantic road to Mussoorie are places one must visit. It is 50 km from Dehradun in a very extreme end, food is normally available on the stalls. The view of ice caped mountains can be seen from Chakrata. It is a must visit place.”

5. Ancient Rock Paintings At Bhimbetka

33b bhimbetka-tour Bhimbhetka-Caves

Bhimbetka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh, just 56 km from Bhopal. The region features a rocky landscape, dotted with forests featuring varieties of flora and fauna. Bhimbetka is famous for its ancient rock paintings, depicting the lifestyle of man from the Stone Age. Some of the rock paintings of the Stone Age spotted in the caves of Bhimbetka is about 30,000 years old.

6. One Of The Lesser-Known Tiger Reserves – Simlipal

banner1 simlipal-orissa simlipal-wildlife-sanctuary-163

Vast expanses of jungle and pristine nature. Simlipal is home to the Simlipal National Park and Barehipani Falls. Originally an elephant reserve and a hunting ground for the royal family, Simlipal was declared a tiger reserve in 1956.
“It is an ideal place to spend time with family and friends. Places like these need to be popularised to attract more tourists.”

7. The Grand Canyon Of India – Gandikota

4 DSCN7789 View_of_Penna_from_the_Gandikota_side

The Gandikota fort has a few temples, a granary, a masjid, a palace and a few more structures inside its walls. The temples are particularly known for their architecture, composed of many fine sculptures and carvings in the Vijayanagara style.

“If you are looking to go to an unusual place which will blow you away then Gandikota is the place that you are looking for. A 13th century fort beside the Penna river in the state of Andhra Pradesh, which is surrounded by the Eramala range of hills. Surrounded by a deep valley and impassable hills, with massive boulders of red granite and the river Pennar that flows about 300 ft. Below on the west and northern sides. This is also popularly known as the grand canyon of India.”

8. Offbeat Hill Station In Bengal – Samsing

Samsing tea garden and umbrella

Samsing shareiq-1318412078-209838-JPG-uploadimages-travel-619x240-1335265164-cropped

Samsing is a small village in the area of Dooars, which is located in the Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling district in West Bengal. Famous for its landscape, green tea gardens, hills and forests it’s a perfect place to spend some quality quiet time alone.
”Samsing is a wonderful quiet place, if you want to enjoy the nature stay there for 2 days, the scenic beauty if awesome, get a lots of fresh air.”


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