9 Unknown Things Done Before Hanging A Person In India

Death sentence is given to those criminals who tend to do extremely offensive activities. Mainly, there are two different modes of executing death sentence either by hanging or shooting. You may have seen in many movies that how the criminal is treated before hanging officially. But, there are some other things you may not know what actually happens before hanging a person. Here are few things that are executed before a person is hanged. Have a look!Things done before hanging a person in India

Hanging is the most common method that is adopted for execution of Death Sentence. Actually, the criminal would be hanged with a noose, that could lead to death by rupturing the neck. Before hanging the convict, the Jail Superintendent, a Local Magistrate, Senior Police Officials and a Doctor visits the place where convict was imprisoned. They reads the warrant stating the reason for hanging the criminal judicially.

1. Woken up Early in the Morning

Before hanging the convict the jail superintendent follows some rules. The criminal is woken up early in the morning i.e., at 3 A.M. and asks him to fresh up.

Before Hanging - Woken Up early in the morning

2. Allows to take Bath

The prisoner will be asked to fresh up by taking bath. The convict will be provided both hot and cold water and they can do any shower based on their choice.

Before Hanging - Allows to take bath

3. Offers Favorite Food of Convict

As a last wish of the criminal going to be hanged, he will be provided his favorite food. Even it is not available in the canteen of the jail, they will bring it from anywhere outside in order to fulfill his final wish.

Offers Favorite Food

4. Provides Light Refreshment

After eating their desired food, they will be given some time for light refreshment. They will be left alone for some amount of time so that they can memorize their family members.

Provides light refreshment

5. Provides Religious Books or Recite Prayers to have a Peaceful Mind

The convicts are offered religious books based on their interest or they are given some time to recite prayers to their favorite God to have a peaceful mind.

Offers Religious Books for Peaceful Mind

6. Lubricates the Rope for Smooth Sliding Action

The rope or noose which is used to hang the criminal will be lubricated with cheese and ripen banana and kept for 3 days till the day of hanging. This way of applying cheese is to ensure smooth sliding action, so that it doesn’t stretch much when the convict gets hanged.

Lubricates the Rope used to Hang the Criminal

7. Doctor Examines the Convict

After giving him some time for preparing himself, doctor checks the physical and mental condition of the prisoner. If the report ensures that the condemned convict’s health is totally fit, then they execute hanging process.

Doctor Examines the Convict

8. Prisoner is Blind-folded

The convict who is to be hanged judicially is then taken to the gallows and is then blind-folded by covering the prisoner’s face with a cotton hood or cloth. Usually, they pinion the convict’s hands behind their back using handcuffs or a leather strap and legs are pinioned with a cord.

Prisoner is Blind-folded

9. Magistrate Gives Signal

After covering the convict’s face with a cotton cloth, the Executive Magistrate shall identify the prisoner as the person named in the warrant and read to him a translation of the warrant in his mother tongue. The Magistrate then gives signal to the hangman to pull the lever.

10. Hangman or Lyncher is confidential

The person who hangs the criminal is called Hangman or Lyncher. The details of the Lyncher will be kept confidential because he must not be troubled later for accomplishing his job. The lyncher will recite his prayer for few seconds so as to free himself from any sense of guilt before putting the hood on the convict’s head. Later, the hangman pulls the lever and the body gets hanged and goes down.

Hangman or Lyncher is confidential

These are the things that are executed before a person is judicially hanged in a prison. After pulling the lever, the prisoner will hanged for 30 minutes of time. Later, the doctor who is present in the spot examines the convict’s body and confirms death. The Police officials then informs the matter to Higher officials and decides whether to handover the dead body to their family members or cremate in jail itself after performing Autopsy (Post-mortem).


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