21 Gorgeous Foreign Desserts That’ll Instantly Make You Go YUMMMMM

Desserts have been the safest resort for everything in this world! Just so you didn’t notice, but STRESSED is DESSERTS spelt backwards. Now that’s one hallelujah thing. This post is solely dedicated to those who have a big sweet tooth, because neither do we need a reason nor a rhyme to eat desserts.

As much as you really-really-really love Jalebi, I know it goes without saying that these foreign desserts have totally won your heart. Won’t say that we yearn for these, but I could totally kill for a few.

[Disclaimer: Get a napkin before you drool.]

1. Red Velvet, USA

Image source

When they talk about a piece of heaven on earth, this is exactly what they mean.

2. Brigadeiro, Brazil

Image source

Those beauties wrapped in paper can make your gloomiest day shine like glitters from a starry night.

3. Mousse, France

Image source

Earth will be a good place to live in, as long as these mousses keep melting in my mouth.

4. Croissants, Austria

Image source

Chocolate croissants are world’s sweetest crunch and melt symphony.

5. Cinnamon Roll, Sweden

Image source

If only obesity wasn’t a concern, I will have this goodness melt in my mouth every day.

6. Macarons, France

Image source

Go easy, easy on them. It is a gift sent from God.

7. Churros, Spain

Image source

No one can eat just one ting-ting!!

8. Baklava, Turkish Empire

Image source

They are so delicious, so freakishly delicious, you just wouldn’t want to stop.

9. Tart, France

Image source

Drooling assured.

10. Pie, United Kingdom

Image source

A scrumptious chocolate pie. That’s all. That’s all folks.

11. Pastry, Mediterranean Region

Image source

You normally wouldn’t care about pastries, but you’ll dream about this one for sure.

12. Waffle, Belgium

Image source

A hot-and-cold, yes-and-no, more-and-more kind of relationship.

13. Cannoli, Italy

Image source

Just some random irresistible cream wrapped in crunchy stuff layered with chocolate.

14. Cheese Cake, Greece

Image source

Sometimes you just wrestle with the demons. Other times you just hug and eat cheesecake.

15. Tiramisu, Italy

Image source

A world without a tiramisu like this will be so boring.

16. Crème brûlée, France

Image source

Take your crème brûlée  seriously. Life is short, eat it all and eat it all by yourself.

17. Pancake, Greece

Image source

They say- “There is hardship in eating everything, except eating pancakes”.

18. Ganache, France

Image source

Hands down the best dessert. No, wait, there’s more.

19. Chocolate Chip Cookie, United States

Image source

Everyone’s official guilty pleasure is insane tastiness.

20. Cupcake, United States

Image source

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy these. Right? RIGHT????

21. Eclairs, Paris

Image source

This. This is too much of a good thing in one picture. Seriously.

There is no time that doesn’t call for a good ravishing dessert on your plate. Go!


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