This London pop-up restaurant will put you 7 storeys above ground

Can anything top a Michelin-starred meal served mid-air?

The chefs to present their meals this year

  • Martin Morales of Ceviche and Andina (Thursday, 17 September to Sunday, 20 September)
  • Robert Ortiz of Lima (Thursday, 17 September and Friday, 18 September)
  • Sophie Michell of Pont St (Saturday, 19 September and Sunday, 20 September)
  • Daniel Doherty of Duck and Waffle (Monday, 21 September to Thursday, 24 September)
  • Calum Franklin of Holborn Dining Room (Monday, 21 September and Tuesday, 22 September)
  • Mark Sargeant of Morden & Lea (Wednesday, 23 September and Thursday, 24 September)
  • Chantelle Nicholson of Tredwells (Friday, 25 September to Sunday, 27 September)
  • Michael Reid of M Restaurant (Friday, 25 September and Saturday, 26 September)
  • Scott Hallsworth of Kurobuta London (Sunday, 27 September and Monday, 28 September)
  • Peter Weeden of Newman Street Tavern (Monday, 28 September to Wednesday, 30 September)
  • Tom Aikens of Tom’s Kitchen (Tuesday, 29 September and Wednesday, 30 September)

Prices and reservations
Prices per person are £50 pounds (Rs5000) for breakfast; £125 (Rs12,500) for lunch and £200 (Rs19,900) for dinner. There’s no age limit, but you need to be at least 1.2 metres tall. Book your seats and browse menus here.


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