10 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Weekend Super Fun

Saturday and Sunday are two of the most universally loved days of the week. After all, who doesn’t love holidays? You get to wake up late, relax and hang out with friends after a long, tiring week at work.

So what do you do? Go watch the latest film released in theaters? Go out for dinner with friends or family? Nah- such a cliché. So why not try something different? Here are some offbeat ideas for a happy weekend:

1. Call up friends, hire bikes, and go to a nearby town


Pack some energy drink powder, helmet, shades, first aid and snacks. Now you are all set to have a great time with your friends, as well as get in some exercise!

2. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, call up your beau and buy same plants


Water it, take care of it, exchange pics and compete. After all, we all have that competitive spirit hidden inside us, waiting to come out and compete!

3. Make a mobile app. Yes, you heard me right.


Have you ever wondered how an android application functions? Or maybe you thought of more functions that could be added to your favourite app? Well, here’s your chance to try it on your own!

4. Not too geeky to code? Have you tried painting? Pick an old pic of your parents and try painting it.


Everyone can draw. It’s just that you haven’t tried it yet. And imagine the happiness in your parent’s eyes when you gift it to them.

5. Do you own a musical instrument that you have never learnt to play?


Go to Youtube and learn to play your favourite song. Being able to play it on your own will definitely bring a smile to your face!

6. Learn to cook a different cuisine like Italian, Greek or European

You eat all this delicious food in restaurants and you promise yourself that you will learn to make all this at home. So why not finally learn it, now that you have the time? And it will be easier on your pockets too!

collage of various photo of delicious italian pasta dishes

7. Make a list of all the movies that you have always wanted to watch, but never got around to it


Yes, even the sappy romantic ones. Watch all of them while you snack on some yummy popcorn and Coke.

8. Try learning a foreign language


There are mobile apps and online pages to guide you too. Who knows, one day when you travel all over the world- it might even be useful!

9. Call up your friends, ask them to pack all their old, unused clothes, gather and distribute it to the poor kids


There is a different kind of happiness and pleasure that you get when you help someone without expecting anything in return.

10. And finally, there’s nothing better than meeting your buddies over the weekend and make memories that will last forever


..because happiness doubles when shared with friends! :)


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