5 Things Girls Do After Breakup

Handling a breakup is never easy,you always think of him .There are people who get out of all this very easily but others just can’t.Here are 5 Things Girls Do After Breakup.

1.Stalk him on Social Media


You start missing him every second, every minute , every hour. You can’t stop yourself from getting to know what your ex is doing .It’s quite normal ,everybody does this after breakup .

2.Flirt with another guy


You want to make your ex is jealous and you start start flirting with another guy .You want to make sure what he’s missed and it’s his loss .

3.Can’t control your phone


Stalking , drunk texting – you want to make him realize it’s his mistake .

4.Go for a spontaneous trip


You put up amazing pictures of your little vacation.It’s kind-off moving forward . It’s all about having fun – even without him.You change your display picture that has you looking totally awesome.

5.Shopping …shopping


It’s universal truth ,girls love shopping . After breakup they just want a new look , makeover , an entire wardrobe makeover . These are 5 things girls do after breakup.


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