7 Cheap Destinations For City Break In Europe

Do you want to get away for several days, but your wallet isn’t exactly full of cash? Europe has many places where you can travel on a low-budget without giving up on all the attractions. Here’s a list of 7 different cities that are both captivating and affordable.

  1. Belgrade, Serbia


Neither Serbia nor its capital is a particularly popular tourist destination. It’s a mistake to overlook them though. The beauty of Serbia is astonishing and Belgrade is a bustling, interesting city. It’s not pretty, but it’s alluring. Various architectonic styles combine with each other and compose into a chaotic, fascinating landscape. The streets of Belgradeare full of quirky cafés, historic monuments and vibrant clubs. The night-life is great, so if you want to go wild, that’s the right place. Do you know how it feels to get back in the morning after a night out, open your wallet and realize you’ve spent all the money on shots, drinks and who knows what else? That’s not going to happen in Belgrade. A beer usually costs about $1, 5 USD, a cocktail $4 USD. You can party hard without spending a fortune.

Belgrade from Danube River, Serbia

  1. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a precious gem. It’s a city with great historic significance, magical atmosphere, stunning architecture and artsy vibe. Luckily, you don’t have to pay much for all these attractions, Krakow is as interesting as affordable. You can have a traditional dinner for less than $10 USD or a beer in a cozy pub for about $2 USD. Some of the historic sites are free, but even if there’s an entrance fee, it’s never really high. You should definitely see the Wawel Castle and Cloth Hall (Sukiennice). The Main Marketplace (Rynek Główny) is a bewitching historic square surrounded by marvelous buildings. With its cafés, street artists and countless visitors, the Main Marketplace is a beating heart of Krakow. You can spend hours there just watching people and listening to musicians performing their original pieces.

Krakow main Square, Poland

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

In the past years Prague has gained a great reputation. It’s now one of the most famous cities in Europe, but despite of it,Prague has remained affordable. It’s gorgeous, so no wonder so many people constantly visit it. The romantic Charles Bridge, the ancient Prague Castle, the Astronomical Clock – its historic jewels are countless. The Old Town is enchanting, especially at night, when the streets are beautifully lit. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the famous Czech beer. A trip to Prague wouldn’t be complete without a glass of the golden (or brown, yellowish, red etc. – there are many brews, colors and flavors to choose from) liquid.

Street in the Center of Prague, Czech Republic

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Divided in two parts by the river Danube, it’s like two cities in one. West from Danube there’s the part called Buda with the Royal Castle, the open-air museum Aquincum, the Buda Hill Labyrinth and lots of other important sites. East of the river, in the district called Pest, you can find lovely bars, restaurants and cafés. Buda is historic and quiet, while Pest is characterized by more of a city vibe. Two parts of Budapest are connected by numerous bridges offering wondrous views of the center. Because of its stunning architecture and specific charm, Budapest is known as “Paris of the East”. It’s as beautiful as Paris indeed, but luckily way cheaper. It’s also lively, eventful and atmospheric.

Vieuw of Budapest, Hungary

  1. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Like no other city in Europe, Sarajevo combines a variety of cultures, histories and traditions. It’s a meeting point for Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Muslims, Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. Not a long time ago the city was still being torn apart by tragic wars, but right now it’s getting back on its feet. It’s safe and populated by incredibly friendly people. The old town, with its diverse architecture and charming chaos, is a perfect area to stroll about. Once you get tired, there are myriad cafés and tea houses where you can get a delicious cup of caffeine for about $1 USD. Restaurants are excellent as well. Just be aware: the food is heavy, portions huge and so fulfilling it might be hard to get back to sight-seeing once you eat it all. You’ll eat it all though, it’s simply too delicious to leave a single bite on the plate.

Miljacka river in Sarajevo, Capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina

  1. Tallinn, Estonia

It’s often being said that a city is a mixture of the old and the new, so often that it sounds a bit like a cliché, but in case of Tallinn this description is particularly accurate. Its old town is wonderfully preserved, covered with winding cobbles streets, full of medieval houses, handsome churches and impressing cathedrals. Estonians do their best to maintain the traditions, so all around the town you can find numerous museums, handicraft shops and old-style eateries. In the background there are also reminiscents of the Soviet era. The grey blocks of flats still dominate some of Tallinn’s districts. Despite of that, Tallinn is a bustling European capital. Glittering shopping malls, modern buildings made of glass and steel, newest technologies and ubiquitous Wi-Fi – that’s also an important part of Tallinn’s character.

View of Toompea Hill, Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Braşov, Romania

Scenically set amongst the Carpathian Mountains, Braşov’s one of the most popular destinations in Romania. It’s a bit more expensive than most Romanian cities, but still very cheap comparing to Western or Northern Europe. The city’s architecture is stunning. While wandering in the maze of cobbled streets, you constantly come across something surprisingly gorgeous, be it a pretty old church, a lovely house, an enchanting square or an artsy café. With the mountains looming in the distance, reddish roofs of historic buildings and medieval monuments, Braşov reminds settings of fairy-tales and legends. It’s peaceful and quiet, but definitely not boring. The city makes sure its visitors are entertained: there are plentiful sites, frequent festivals, vibrant bars, restaurants and tons of other attractions.

Center of the Old Town of Brasov, Romania

Do you know some other cheap destinations for city breaks in Europe? Let us know! And before you hit the road, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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