20 Delicious Dishes That Are Incredibly Messy To Eat

The love for food is innately obvious in everyone’s life. All it takes is a little junkie in your heart that pushes you to eat everything, even when you spill it all over your hands, face and clothes; a part of your heart still wants to gorge a little more. Perhaps it all starts with the first morsel that touches the taste buds of your tongue and then there’s no stopping.

Look what I found. Some scrumptious, mouthwatering, appetizing and delicious dishes, that are messiest when it comes to eating them

1. Pani Puri

Image source

Indubitably, this has to be on number one.

2. Mangoes

Image source

Summertime awesomeness.

3. Noodles

Image source

The most popular staple diet, yet one can’t have it without spilling it.  Never order noodles on your first date.

4. Corn on the cob

Image source

Brace yourself. A lot of it is going to get stuck in your teeth.

5. Long sandwich

Image source

No matter which side you try to save, something is going to fall from somewhere.

6. Custard Apple (Sitafal)

Image source

With or without the spoon.

7. Watermelon

Image source

Wanna try eating it like it ain’t no thing? All the best.

8. Croissants / Patty / Indian desi puff

Image source

There’s no good way to eat this.

9. A big fat burger

Image source

Can anyone tell me how we are supposed to eat them?

10. Cheetos

Image source

All of a sudden your world will turn orange and cheesy.

11. Spaghetti

Image source

You know it looks delicious, but the errands that your fingers run in rolling it and the ones wiping off your face are inevitable.

12. Crab

Image source

Only with bullet proof vest, you’ll make it through.

13. Pizza, in general

Image source

Ever wished for eating it in a sober way?

14. Rasgulla

Image source

If you know, teach me too!

15. Fish

Image source

Is there a clean way of eating fish. [Hint: Bones]

16. Ice cream

Image source

A melting ice cream in a wafer cone is all that you need to make the world messier.

17. Cotton Candy

Image source

Yes. That tiny beast on stick is going to stick around for longer than usual.

18. Dal-bati

Image source

The delicious dal bati demands you to dip your hands and revel in the taste.

19. Katori chaat

Image source

How the hell do you eat them? One scoop and it all comes out.

20. Barbeque chicken wings

Image source

Totally sinful!

Much drools?


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