Reverse the problem

Manisha K.N. Singh

Life is all about the way you take it. challenges are just the breakers which can be crossed with the maintained accelerator.

We all have been encountered once in our life time with the road blocks, we usually call them “Problems”, so what is bothering us? is it the problem? Naahh!  the actual problem starts when we don’t find the solution to deal with it. i hope we all have read about reverse brainstorming?

we normally use it when we are able to conceptually reverse it. So reverse the problem to how to CAUSE it? just change the wording of the problem on which you are working from how to solve it? to how to CAUSE it? Like for example- if you receive a call from a dissatisfied customer, ask how can we CAUSE customer to be dissatisfied. STRANGE!! but it really work.

Just concentrate on identify ways of causing…

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