HOAX BUSTED : Earth is safe !! No 15 days of darkness.

THERE WILL NOT BE 15 STRAIGHT DAYS OF TOTAL DARKNESS IN NOVEMBER, 2015.  The idea is poppycock and balderdash with a sprinkle of codswallop.

A fake news website called Newswatch33 made this story up on 14th July 2014.  That website does not publish real news.  It’s Fake Fake Fake.  If you are reading a news source that quotes Newswatch33, burn that newspaper, delete that URL, unfollow that tweeter.  Any journalist that wrote about this as it being a real event should be immediately fired and left to starve in the streets where squirrels will eat their entrails.

It is said that the event, according to NASA, hasn’t occured in over 1 million years. Astronomers from NASA have indicated that the world will remain in complete darkness starting on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 3 a.m. and will end on Monday, November 30, 2015 at 4:15 p.m.

According to officials, the event, known as “November Black Out”, will be caused by another astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter. The whole phenomenon has been explained in a highly scientific way.

The article also stated that Charles Bolden, who was appointed to head of NASA by President Obama, issued a 1000 page document explaining the event to the White House. While Charles Bolden is a real NASA official, the website, Newswatch33, is not a legitimate news outlet.

Newswatch33 has hoaxed social media users a number of times, such as a girl was electrocuted by her iPhone’s earbuds, Jay Z and Beyonce has purchased all rights of Confederate Flag, NASA reveals discovery of New Marijuana Planet and that the federal government had impregnated inexpensive cigars with listening devices.

Let’s just pause for a moment and contemplate such an event.  We should ask the following questions:

1) What does it mean to have 15 days of uninterrupted darkness on Earth?

15 days of uninterrupted darkness across the entire Earth means something is preventing light from the Sun from reaching Earth.  So, either the Sun is going to take a nap for two weeks or something big will move between the Sun and Earth and somehow disobey orbital mechanics in order to stay there for two weeks.

2) What could possibly cause such a scenario?

Nothing.  A full solar eclipse could very briefly block out the Sun, but it doesn’t block out the Sun for everyone on Earth and it is very brief.

The article says it will be caused by “an astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter”.  The Sun is 1000x more massive than Jupiter and Venus combined – what are they going to do that will cause darkness?

Jupiter’s orbital period is about 12 years.  Earth’s is one year.  Venus’ is 225 days.  What combination of those three frequencies results in an event that only happens once every million years (as the article claims)?

3) Is that cause possible?  Is it probable?

No.  No.

4) What would be the impacts of such an event?

Total loss of sunlight on Earth, for two weeks, would be devastating.  The Earth receives about 84 terawatts of energy from the Sun every day.  That’s about seven times the amount of energy the entire planet consumes each year.  That energy warms our atmosphere, it warms our waters, and it warms our soils.  Make that disappear for two weeks and the Earth will radiate heat into space, getting colder each day.

Crops would die, animals would die, people would die.  This would definitely be covered on CNN.  They would already have meteorologists standing out in the elements waiting to die on camera.

5) Why we are only reading about this on a few websites and not seeing it emblazoned across every news source on the planet?

The article says NASA gave the President a 1000 page document explaining this event.  And yet, somehow only the people at your favorite link-bait website managed to get a hold of the story. The fourth estate is dead.

If we can’t come up with satisfactory answers for those 5 questions, then we should doubt the veracity of this story.


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